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September’s Foodie Penpal September 30, 2012

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September has been such a whirlwind month at our house so the many treats in this month’s foodie penpal box were much appreciated. If you don’t yet know, foodie penpals was started exactly one year ago by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean blog and now has over 1,300 food lovers sending great packages to each other. She’ll pair you up with a sender and a receiver and is open to anyone.

This month, Jennifer thoughtfully sent delicious vegan treats. While not everyone in my family sticks to a vegan diet, everyone did ravage the contents of the box!


The two bags of chips were fun for us to try. Since it’s been ages since I bought a regular bag of potato chips, these two kinds of Terra chips were a big hit with the kids. I had no qualms about letting them snack on these. They were very tasty and probably the only way the kids would eat beets or sweet potatoes.

This was the second time we have received seaweed snacks. These, being plain, were easier to eat than the super hot wasabi type. The paper-thin (or thinner) sheets of seaweed are great to crumble on a salad, or easy to grab as a quick snack.



There is something in every box I set aside just for me. This combination of Lady Grey tea and ginger thin cookies would give me pause during a hectic day, I thought. Setting the box aside was not enough. I should have hidden it before curious fingers happened upon it. I did get to enjoy my cup of tea with the thins before they were gone, but I’ll be on the lookout for another box as I still have quite a bit of the lovely tea. Thank you, Jennifer!

You never know what you’ll receive in your foodie penpal box. But it’s been a fun way of introducing us to new foods that might not catch my eye in the store, or sampling a bit of local flavor from across the country. Don’t forget, you can be a foodie penpal too!


1. PennyMarie - October 2, 2012

Love Anna’s cookies ! So many of these good foods can be found at the Grocery Outlet stores for a great price! Having been in the food and grocery industry for years, getting a bargain is in my blood !

acroanmph - October 2, 2012

Yes, these are delicious, perfect with the tea. Thanks for your tip and for reading!

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