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Keepin’ It Real (with Real Food) October 23, 2012

Posted by ToYourHealth in Public Health.
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Wednesday, October 24 is Food Day. Join in this second annual national event where thousands of businesses, coalitions and other participants are holding Food Day celebrations to promote healthy, affordable and sustainable food. 

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Created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day has become a movement to increase awareness of the usual unhealthy American diet which is leading to our top three causes of death and other forms of morbidity.

Our nation’s food system is not focused on promoting health, but maintaining agribusiness and food production as cheaply as possible. Fellow blogger, Ellice Campbell of Enlightened Lotus Wellness, just published a worthwhile post, Corn And It’s Stranglehold on the Food Industry. Also, have a look at The Trouble With Corn Subsidies. About 75% of all grocery store food products contain some form of corn (not the sweet kind that we enjoy during the summer) and high fructose corn syrup. This is creating a sugar addiction among our children and is one factor contributing to increased diagnoses of diabetes in adults and children, not to mention obesity. I find this to be an outrage.

What we put into our bodies is 100% up to us! Just because cheap and processed foods are available everywhere we look, does not mean we must succumb to eating them. As one of my blog readers previously commented, “Eat what you want–no one is forcing you not to.” Every time we eat and every thing we eat is completely our choice. I feel this is too fundamental to blog about, but as a nation, we are clearly not making the best choices.

Of course this has implications beyond personal diet and disease. According to CSPI, only minor amounts of Farm Bill funding support organic and sustainable farms, while those growing the crops most harmful to us reap the major funds. We have allowed our government to carry on this way for decades. Food production methods are harmful to workers, animals and the environment.

How will you celebrate Food Day? Click the link for inspiration, activities, recipes and a zip code map to see what is offered in your area. Or, take a page from their school curriculum, eat real around your dinner table and discuss healthy eating and where your food comes from.

Eat Real, y’all. Practice mindful eating and the world will be better off. Really.

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2. Penny Marie - October 24, 2012

Hello Amy,
You write so well… I’m jealous ! I’ve been reading about soy and how bad it can be if it’s not fermented… Weston A. Price has a lot on this .. what do you think ?
Thanks, Penny

acroanmph - October 25, 2012

Hi Penny!
Thanks for reading. I stay away from soy due to its link to breast cancer. I’ll check out WA Price tho, I don’t know that much about it. Maybe for my next blog post 😉
Thanks for the suggestion. Have a real food day!

3. Ellice Campbell - October 25, 2012

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing a link to my post 🙂

acroanmph - October 25, 2012

You bet! I love reading your blog.

4. Tushar Bhatti - January 29, 2013

I Love Your Website. Practically every post makes
me laugh, analyze things, and learn something.

acroanmph - January 29, 2013

I love to hear it. Thanks for stopping by!

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