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Epidemiological breakthroughs, a focus on a remote culture, community structuring, peer mediators in elementary schools, educating women, child psychology, cultural religions and art, regional issues, retention of native culture  – to me it’s all health. This blog will keep you abreast of advances in many global, national, regional, district, community and personal health-related topics, perhaps with a new slant, or simply to share an interest in improvements being made and who is making them. Above all, it’s a journalist’s vital responsibility to share information to improve the lives of others. This combination is my passion and I hope you will also find it interesting. 

I earned my BA in Journalism and Masters degree in Public Health from the University of South Carolina. After my husband and I moved to health-progressive Seattle, I worked in chronic disease prevention and health promotion before “retiring” to stay at home with our three children. For a decade now, this has brought about an entirely new awareness of health issues affecting children, families, communities, and schools. Other interests in which I actively participate are P.E.O. (a philanthropic educational organization which promotes education for women), restoring native culture among American Indians, cooking, and of course, writing.

Please contact me regarding a quote for writing for your health.

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