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The Trouble With Nightshades November 19, 2011

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Beware of nightshades

Got aches and pain? Eliminating nightshades from your diet for a full 3 to 4 weeks is likely to provide total relief.

What are Nightshades?

Nightshades are part of the Solanaceae family of plants including tomatoes, tomatillos, hot and sweet peppers (not black pepper), potatoes (but not yams/sweet potatoes), eggplant, huckleberries, tobacco, pimento, paprika and cayenne, Tabasco sauce, and the poisonous belladonna and mandrake.

This ominous-sounding group of vegetables contains alkaloids, which can exacerbate arthritis, muscle tremors, paralysis and difficulty breathing. For especially sensitive people or those allergic to nightshades, these alkaloids can be fatal. For the rest of the population, it may encourage joint inflammation resulting in arthritis, of which there are about one hundred varieties, gout, or digestive problems and GERD, eczema and psoriasis. Alkaloids cause the bones to excrete calcium and other minerals and trace elements from the body.

Unless we are making a conscious effort, we are eating a much higher concentration of nightshades than we are aware. Nightshade spices are in most processed grocery store foods, including mayonnaise, salad dressings, salsa, and mixed spice packets just to name a few. But it’s also because we subconsciously seek them out because we crave them. They are high in potassium and counter the high sodium content in animal foods, i.e., meat and potatoes; cheese pizza with tomato sauce, etc. Unknowingly, we search for food combinations to make the appropriate balance.

The degree to which people can be affected by nightshades varies by individual and no medical research has definitively proven nightshades to cause or inflame arthritis, but testimonies and physician trials have shown enough relief that many medical practices recommend nightshade elimination from diets. Even a small amount ingested can cause minor irritations to death, depending on the individual.

Thousands of people who regularly received cortisone injections for arthritis pain relief have been able to discontinue the shots after three to four weeks without eating tomatoes, salsa, potatoes, eggplant and cayenne pepper.

Interesting Stats

  • Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medical Surgery: Of the 52% rigidly on the diet [without nightshades], 94% reported complete or substantial relief of arthritis.
  • Dr. Bruce Ames/Dr. Swirsky Gold: In a poisoning associated with a school lunch program, 61 of 109 school children and staff in Alberta, Canada, became ill, most within 5 minutes, after eating baked potato.
  • Potato neurotoxins have been shown to cause birth defects in rodents.
  • Positive correlation of appendicitis incidence rates with potato consumption.

Nightshades have been used and referenced in shamanism, witchcraft, and murder. They come with a history of both mystical danger and scientific caution. Some of the alkaloid properties have been used as anesthesia, and they are still a basis for potent narcotic medicine and sleeping pills.

It’s worth taking a nightshade-break in your diet for a few weeks to see if you feel better. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did! If you absolutely cannot, cooking the vegetables will reduce alkaloids by nearly half.

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Blackstrap: The Healthy Molasses May 24, 2011

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Blackstrap molasses for your health

Up until the late 19th century, blackstrap molasses was a staple sweetener, as white refined sugar was rare and very expensive. Then for decades it was generally unused until people became interested in controlling their diets and overall health. The health benefits of blackstrap molasses have been numerous but widely unknown.

It is the concentrated byproduct of two boilings of sugar cane as it is refined into table sugar, then boiled a third time. It is very dark and thick. Unlike sugar, it contains significant amounts of minerals, most notably manganese, copper, iron and calcium, but also potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, and selenium.

The first health benefits you will notice are an increase in energy (within 20 minutes) and iron count in the blood. Many people who suffer from anemia have been cured when iron pills had no effect, it decreases length and severity of menstruation, and can prevent or aid treatment of uterine fibroids. Additional health benefits have included relief from: acne, arthritis, anxiety, eczema and psoriasis, constipation, canker sores, nose bleeds, swollen extremities due to poor circulation, and even terminal cancer according to many testimonials and the book Crude Black Molasses by Cyril Scott. Instead of gray, new hair will grow in darker due to the copper. Skin will appear radiant. Ancient Egyptians used this as a cure for consumption (tuberculosis), and some veterinarians report that it has cured tumors in dogs and is helpful in many ways for horses and cows.

Important to note:

  • Purchase blackstrap molasses organic and unsulfured. Check the label to verify copper content. Do not confuse with sweet dark molasses.
  • Note the dosage as it is very possible to get too much iron or calcium.

How to take blackstrap molasses:

For optimum benefit, take 1-2 tablespoons every day. It is a great coffee or chai tea sweetener, and very tasty in a class of cold or warm milk. Take with a meal and add it to a morning smoothie or oatmeal, spread on toast or biscuits. It is often added to baked beans and, of course, gingerbread. Some people like to mix it with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water to aid in the absorption of the minerals and burn fat cells. Together they pack a ton of energy. Blackstrap molasses can be substituted when a recipe calls for regular molasses or sugar, but there are some recipes which call for it specifically on Cooks.com, and epicurious.com.


  • Check with your doctor before taking blackstrap molasses on a regular basis.
  • There are many reasons for anemia to develop, and it is not always due to low iron.
  • People of Mediterranean descent who suffer from thalassemia can be more effectively treated with chlorophyll than blackstrap molasses.
  • There will be a notable spike in your blood sugar level.
  • Every body will react differently and some cannot tolerate it. There may be undesired effects (such as new hair growing in with a greenish tint, a sign of too much iron). Stop taking blackstrap molasses if you experience any unwanted side effects.
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