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August Foodie Penpal Revealed August 31, 2012

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August was my second month participating in the Lean Green Bean’s fun Foodie Penpal Program. Lindsay will pair you up with a recipient and a sender and the anticipation of the foodie box brings great excitement to the household. Katie from Knoxville, TN sent a lovely box to us!

vegan snacks

Katie included a lovely note describing all the great treats in our box. She is excited to have a new Trader Joe’s in her town (as would I be, as some of you know), and relied on it to find foods suitable for a vegan diet. She did a great job!

Trader Joes marshmallow treats

We were all pleased with the brown rice vegan marshmallow treat bars. As you may know, regular marshmallows are made from gelatin, the collagen being derived from meat by-products. I’ll spare you the rest of the details here, but we found these to be a yummy alternative.

trader joes wasabi seaweed

Hold onto your hat when you eat these wasabi seaweed snacks, because they’ll blow your head clean off! These aren’t made with “just a hint” of wasabi, they’re for the die-hard fans. But like Katie mentions in her note, they are curiously addictive. She suggested adding them to a salad, and I also used them to spice up a coconut milk soup.

vegan snacks

Ah, a huge bag of roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds! This was most welcome to everyone in my family. Most salted nuts in the stores are just too dang salty, and we cannot usually find unsalted ones unless we buy them in bulk, which we do occasionally. We snack on these at my son’s baseball games, and add to many regular dishes. It’s nice to have such a big sack.

vegan snacks

Whoever came up with the name “Dark Chocolate Dreams” Peanut Butter was spot on. It IS dreamy and this was fun for us to try. The only chocolate I allow in the house, if any, is dark. You can imagine the scrambling that took place to be the first one to try it! The jar did not last long.

And, inside this handy smoothie travel cup which I like very much, Katie included Good ‘N Natural and Luna bars. These I had to declare were only for the Foodie Penpal participant of the house. 😉

Katie admitted in her note that adhering to a vegan diet was tough and I agree, so it was really great of her to find these new snack foods for us. If you’d like to see what her Foodie Penpal sent to her, visit her blog. Thank you, Katie!


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